Charlois Micropublics

Charlois Micropublics is a sound installation. The project explores the cultural exchanges and negotiations between the different cultures of Charlois Rotterdam. The installation consists of turntables, speakers and vinyl records. It embraces a multicultural public space which is created by cultural exchange through social interaction and negotiation. We find such types of cultural negotiations in second-hand shops, in the markets and in the streets of Charlois, where multiple ethnicities and cultures coexist and interact. The sound installation creates a ‘micropublic’ site in which the cultural exchange is certain and highlights the ability of people to interact as equals.

28, 29 December 2020, 8 January 2021
Oude Kerk Charlois Rotterdam, Charloisse Kerksingel 35, 3082 DA Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Project for the Charlois Speciaal Platform