A project about the type of speech in the sports subculture and athletic lifestyle.
    The verbal expressions of the fans, club owners’ & the sports press’ form spontaneously and naturally, creating a language idiom, one that possesses specific forms and communication codes.This specific and intangible (sub)cultural field of speech, becomes the centre of this audiovisual installation.
    The visitor is confronted with an audio mashup - an edited compilation of a speech analysis that uses material from interviews/statements of athletes, fans, club owners etc.It is an attempt to highlight the process of reproduction of the social ethics and stereotypes that come through the everyday use of expressions and idioms.
    Placed in front of the visitor, stands a pantheon of selected athletes’ pictures, whose public recognition through sports led them with success in a parliamentary position, after the end of their athletic career.These pictures represent the constant entanglement between politics, sports, ideology and subcultures in the Greek society.