From a place to space (1st edition)

From a Place to Space is a distribution centre that operates as a platform for several urban appropriations that occurred during the last two years. It represents the temporary spatial transformations that contribute to the emergence of the public space in the city’s landscape. Conflict, engagement, information exchange generated as the dialectical response to the homogenization of the physical and psychological security inhabited by the social order and the mechanisms of social normalisation that eliminate the users from the term of agency within the society. The platform, also, hosts the 2nd edition of the Reading as Poaching project as it was taken place in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. 

Reading as poaching 2nd edition consists of networks of open libraries installed in urban public spaces. Mailboxes function as bookcases stocked with printed booklets containing methods of using the city in order to embrace interaction and engagement amongst the users. The booklets are distributed on a regular basis to the supply spots and can be taken for free.

June 2018
Cafeteria (group exhibition)
Kaaihallen, Tramkade 26, 5211 WJ
’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands