Second-hand Citizen

A formation of posters size 50ch70, where each piece is crafted individually. The aim of the project is to capture the trespassing and appropriation of public space from the advertising media and the overload of information. Involved in each piece separately destroying and creating again the context of a poster with the procedure of collage and decollage. I change the interpretation of the posters, while creating embossed with my own words in a critical and ironic character to the life in city. The phrases are intended firstly  to annoy and then to motivate the viewer. The viewer-reader must follow the words drastically, like a journey into the urban landscape, as if looking at the plan view of a city and living different events. Reading becomes action, direct participation and interpretation function. What matters is the experience of the reader, not the writer. So each frame is a different experience at some point in the city. An appropriation of the city's primary materials and their re-exhibition.